But Moses, Egypt had such great garlic!

I am reacting very viscerally to the news today.  I am angry /sad, feeling we are losing something dear.  The idea of making sure everyone has adequate health care is wonderful.  It sounds like a good idea.  I have lived most of my adult life with no insurance, so I certainly understand the issue.  That said, I have to ask, “At what price?”   We seem to be deciding as a nation to value the illusion of security over the reality of liberty.  Government is a necessary nuisance, to be kept on a short leash.  It is composed of fallible human beings who will eventually abuse whatever power they have in order to enrich themselves.  Every piece of life that we give to bureaucrats is a bite out of our individual liberty.  In the face of lack in the wilderness, the children of Israel repeatedly questioned the wisdom of  leaving their security in Egypt to face death in the wilderness.  Egypt had garlic and leeks and plenty of jobs. We are essentially facing the same issues. Is our drive for security  such that we submit ourselves to a federal system of health insurance that collects information, directs commerce, and determines appropriate care?  I would rather die in the wilderness.  unfortunately, I seem to be in the minority.

I thank God that Jesus is coming back and that in the interim my security is in His hands.  The idea of human political liberty as we have marginally experienced it is on life support.  Let’s get on with the important business of winning the world while we are still allowed to do so.  It will soon be very expensive indeed.

Just a Thought


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