Events Calendar

May 14-20. Panama. Bible school with Vida Ministries in Darien, and a visit to recovery ministry in Meteti.

May 23-26. Hermosillo. IEMFe Class: Divine Healing

May 27: Pastor’s Breakfast/Leadership Training

June 2: Believers Church at Glenville, NY.  Call (518) 399-0039 for info

June 4: Believers Family Church in Johnstown, NY.   Call (518) 762-0185 for info

June 6: Back in Glenville at Believers Church. Call (518) 399-0039 for info

June 8: Addictions seminar and evening service. Faith, Hope, and Love Christian Church in Canajoharie, NY. Call (518) 673-5128 for info

June 9: Living Water Faith Fellowship in Oneonta, NY.  Call (607) 433-2234

June 20 & 21: Hermosillo Divine Healing Class continues

June 22: Pastor’s Breakfast/Leadership Training

June 25-28: FCF Family Conference in Tulsa

July 18 & 19: Hermosillo Divine Healing Class concludes

July 20: Pastor’s Breakfast/Leadership Training

September 13-14 Hermosillo. IEMFe Class: Planning for Success

September 19-20: IEMFe Class: Money, Ordinances, and Music

September 21: Pastor’s Breakfast/Leadership Training

October 2-9: Peru

October 17-18: Hermosillo IEMFe Class: Money, Ordinances, and Music

October 19: Pastor’s Breakfast/Leadership Training

October 26: Faith Family Church in Chandler, AZ

November 9: Living Faith Christian Center. Tucson. Leadership Conference

November 14-15: Hermosillo IEMFe Class: Money, Ordinances, and Music

November 16: Pastor’s Breakfast/Leadership Training

November 19-22: Faith Christian Fellowship International. Tulsa, OK. Relational Gathering.