A Wikikwiki

So we have a 22 y/o E2 who stole mega reams of secret stuff. He gave it all to a weasel-like aussie who has slowly, publicly, and with seeming impunity infused the content into the public domain. After only 6 months, our executive branch has expressed a limp-wristed, “Oh, stop it.” If they wanted it stopped, they could have and would have stopped it before the first document drop. There would have been outrage, criminal investigation, military and state- department head-lopping, diplomatic pressure on sanctuary regimes, and surely they could have hired a 17y/o hacker to crash the site.
The ugly truth is that our leaders are in full support of the embarrassment to the nation and the crippling of intelligence operations that will result. That is the outrage.

4 thoughts on “A Wikikwiki

  1. I see your point. I disagree, but it is a valid point. My biggest beef with your position, however, is that you are more embarrassed by the reaction of the administration than the contents of the leaks. You aren’t angry that our elected officials have acted in a way that, now that it is public knowledge, is embarrassing. You are angry about their lack of reaction. It’s like the criminal who is sorry that he got caught, not sorry about his crime.

    1. It feels like 2 issues to me. I am apalled but not surprised at the behavior of our state department. Most of the actual content is less than revelatory. Their demeanor is a family issue and goes to the whole nature of a representative republic. The incompetence of the administration is the more immediately dangerous issue. We seem to have an administration that does not believe in the sovereignty of the nation-state, nor in the exceptionalism of the American idea. I am of the opinion that both are worth protecting.

  2. Definitely protect the concept of our sovreignity.
    Transparency? Take a stand for something and we could certainly appreciate that.
    We are praying for our President anyway. Like it or not, he is our President. God, sincerely, God help America. Remember, we are occupying til He comes!

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