The Year of Overcoming Triskaidekaphobia

Thursday, January 10, 2013 Building People of Substance for Works of Power Trust and obey, Friend. Like most preachers, I usually make some sort of proclamation concerning the New Year. This year I have deemed it “The Year of Overcoming Triskaidekaphobia.” For those who are not up to speed on this condition, it means fear … Continue reading The Year of Overcoming Triskaidekaphobia

The Word and the Spirit, keep it real!

I had an interesting visit recently with a lovely lady of about 70 years. She has been a Christian for 60 of those years, all spent in one Pentecostal denomination. She made and appointment to see me, and came to my office with a notebook and a pen. She opened the conversation with a question: … Continue reading The Word and the Spirit, keep it real!

The Nature of Leadership

I came out of my office the other night about a half hour before service. In addition to the usual flutter of early birds preparing for ministry, there was a new covey gathered in the back of the sanctuary. About 20 folks were lined up in front of a table full of plastic bags, energy … Continue reading The Nature of Leadership

Grateful for the Message

I am having a gratitude attack this morning. The symptoms are a swollen heart and tears of joy when I think of how God has blessed me. In particular, I am grateful that He plopped me into this wonderful family of faith. I came to the Lord by myself reading a Billy Graham book in … Continue reading Grateful for the Message

Plan Time with God

While preparing to leave Panama this week, a couple of things struck me while negotiating the airport. As usual, after clearing security I headed for the men’s room. This is a recently remodeled facility. Millions of dollars were spent to provide a beautiful building with modern appurtenances. As I joined the march of men pulling … Continue reading Plan Time with God

Don’t Settle for Less than God’s Best

Many years ago, in another place and time, I had a fellow come to me with a big grin on his face. He shook my hand vigorously and announced, "Pastor, I believe God wants me to serve as an usher here." I encouraged him to do so, gave him the job description, and referred him … Continue reading Don’t Settle for Less than God’s Best