Keepin’ it Simple

If you could advise a young pastor what would you tell him? At our recent leadership meeting, Rev. Van Crouch shared several things he believed to be vital. Citing the mission of the local church to make disciples who live victoriously and bear fruit, he proposed a list of things that should be on the … Continue reading Keepin’ it Simple

A Few Things I Want to See Again

We have just returned from the annual leaders meeting for our international organization. As always, there was much to report. The first morning we were blessed by the ministry of Van Crouch, whom I heard first some 27 years ago. He is still a blessing. During his message he referred several times to "this demographic," … Continue reading A Few Things I Want to See Again

Thank a Preacher

I watched another TV drama last night about a preacher who was a real idiot. It seems to me that the preponderance of movie and TV Christians are horrible people. They are either really icky-sweet or effeminate, or they are some kind of monster. We have certainly had plenty of characters to provide models for … Continue reading Thank a Preacher

Cured of Agrophobia

I have been preaching lately on the power of sharing our personal testimonies concerning what God has done in our lives. My goal is to get people to freely share their stories of salvation, healing, financial blessing, and other works of the Lord with those who are the natural contacts in their lives. I believe … Continue reading Cured of Agrophobia

Talking to My Invisible Friend

I just heard someone say it again, “God seems so far away!” I regularly hear that or some variation thereof: “I just don’t feel like He hears me.” Or “I don’t feel God is anywhere around.” These statements are usually made by sincere Christians who have known the Lord and walked with Him in some … Continue reading Talking to My Invisible Friend

Did 9/11 work?

A few days after 9/11/01 church attendance went up.  People knew they needed God.  It troubles me that ten years after the Islamo-fascist attack on the United States we are debating whether it would be OK to pray at the Trade Center site.  Maybe even worse, we are avoiding any evangelical presence at the Pentagon memorial.  Apparently the goals of … Continue reading Did 9/11 work?

Tell Somebody

We just completed three wonderful days of meetings in our church. The Spirit of God moved in a powerful way. Folks were saved, healed, and delivered. It truly was a time of refreshing. God revealed Himself as Jehovah-Shalom, the God who is our Peace. Mental torments and anxieties were lifted. He reintroduced Himself as the … Continue reading Tell Somebody

Are You Just Stupid Like Rick?

I see by the morning gab that I am supposed to dislike Rick Perry because he is stupid.  We know this because he said that it would be almost treasonous to print fiat currency for the sole purpose of manipulating an election in the middle of a national crisis.  Then he implied that he thinks … Continue reading Are You Just Stupid Like Rick?

Don’t Miss the Point

When a professional golfer wants to work on his game he hires a swing coach. This guy’s function is to break down every minute detail of the way the player swings his club from the moment he steps up to the ball until it is flying down the fairway. He finds and corrects the tiniest … Continue reading Don’t Miss the Point

Father Hunger

A few weeks ago we celebrated Father’s Day. As I began to speak on the subject of fatherhood, I was once again struck by a phenomenon that occurs every year. As soon as I announced the topic, people in the congregation began to react. Some shook their heads. Some gave a wistful smile. Some wiped … Continue reading Father Hunger