Did 9/11 work?

A few days after 9/11/01 church attendance went up.  People knew they needed God.  It troubles me that ten years after the Islamo-fascist attack on the United States we are debating whether it would be OK to pray at the Trade Center site.  Maybe even worse, we are avoiding any evangelical presence at the Pentagon memorial.  Apparently the goals of the terrorists have been achieved at the level of government.  Islam is the only religion that can get building permits near NYC memorial.  It is the only religion that cannot be questioned by anyone.  All other faiths msut be kept out of the public square unless they are ritualistic, liberal, and politically correct.  We have abandoned our commitment to Israel and are pressuring them to annihilate themselves.  I can’t imagine how the Islamists could be any happier.  Jesus is Lord, and we will proclaim it.  Government is rotten to the core because we have elected rotten people.  Revival at the grassroots is the ony reasonable solution.

Just a thought

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