Debate was a yawner

I thought the debate last night was a bit dull.  These guys just regurgitate the same stuff.  Except, of course, for Newt.  I love the guy and really wish he were electable.  He is by far the sharpest of the group.  I really want to like Perry.  He seems like a decent fellow.  His heart is in the right place, but he is going to have to be a little faster on his feet to make it past the onslaught of the progressive militia and their media air cover.  (Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, but the vast majority is unaware what that means.  Cute is insufficient.  Succinct and substantive must win the day.) Huntsman is an idiot, making the comment that we needed to get off of national security and get back to something important. Huh?  Bachmann’s lack of depth (I get it – you’re a fighter)  is starting to  wear thin, as is Paul’s perpetual Grinch imitation.  Cain is a great guy who is in over his head.  Similarly, Santorum is a wonderful, principled fellow who doesn’t appear to have a shot, and he sounds like he is whining about it. That leaves us with Mitt.  In ’08 I said if it were down to Mitt and Obama I would vote for Obama.  I now have to rethink that statement.  Obama is a disaster beyond my darkest nightmares.  I now have to convince myself theat Romney would be an improvement.  This group is largely uninspiring.  Maybe with a little practice and polish Gov. Perry can distinguish himself.  I was really hoping for Cinderfella and not just the eighth dwarf.

Just a thought

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