Name your Nazi

After reading yet another article about someone calling a Tea Party guy a nazi, I just couldn’t resist a brief comment.  First of all, the use of the term Nazi in the pejorative is a bit overdone these days.  When real nazis show up we are numb to the warning.  Second, if you insist on calling a folks by this name, at least get your diagnosis straight.  Although the positions of the German party dubbed “Nazi” were quite amorphous (they were determined by a raving loon), there were two things in which they were consistent and solid.  In order to be a nazi, one must first be a socialist.  Government control of the means of production ( and of everything else, for that matter) was a basic tenet of the national socialists.  Even more defining is the attitude toward Jews.  In order to be a proper nazi, one must be avowedly racist.  Not just any racism will do, but a mindless, paranoid hatred of Jews is required.  So, ir you want to find a nazi, look for someone who espouses more government control, especially in the economic realm, and  who is consistently opposed to Israel and Jewish people.  Now, you name your nazi.

Just a thought

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