Keepin’ it Simple

If you could advise a young pastor what would you tell him? At our recent leadership meeting, Rev. Van Crouch shared several things he believed to be vital. Citing the mission of the local church to make disciples who live victoriously and bear fruit, he proposed a list of things that should be on the regular menu in every sheep’s diet. I thought his observations were helpful. Remember to teach people:

  1. Their identity “In Christ.” The reality of the new birth and what happened when old things passed away is essential to living the way we were designed to live. So many live their entire Christian lives and never know who they are.
  2. The Word is true no matter how you feel. The culture we live in emphasizes feelings. In order to live above feelings, we must know that the Bible is the Word of God and can be trusted. Teach on how we got our Bible and why we believe it.
  3. We have a covenant with God. Most folks don’t know what a covenant is. They sure don’t know they have one with God, and that Jesus is the Mediator of it.
  4. Prayer is a foundation stone to all Christian progress. It is imperative to teach people both by precept and example. Just knowing about prayer is insufficient. They must know and experience the “how” of Spirit-empowered prayer.
  5. There is a difference in living in the Kingdom and living in the world. We can live apart from the world system:
    1. Babylon vs. Seedtime and harvest. We don’t work for a living, we give for a living. We work in order to give.
    2. Make God your source. The natural eye is always subject to the natural system. God’s system is not hindered by man’s.
    3. Abundant financial provision is part of our covenant. Since most don’t know they have a covenant, they have no clue that their covenant includes money. I don’t give because it is a law; I give because I have a covenant. I receive for the same reason.
    4. God wants to teach you to PROFIT. You ought to expect increase! God wants it. You should, too.
    5. Dt. 28:8. You need a storehouse so God can bless it. Open a storehouse account of some kind and begin putting something in it every time you have increase.

I’m sure you can think of other things that are important, but I found this list interesting. These are all areas that were points of constant emphasis when I was saved. Our attention tends to wander over time, and it is important to remind the older sheep and feed the new lambs. Most people don’t know as much as you think they do.

Scripture Reading: “The LORD will guarantee a blessing on everything you do and will fill your storehouses with grain. The LORD your God will bless you in the land He is giving you. Deuteronomy 28:8 NLT

Somebody Said: Of course it’s the same old story. Truth usually is the same old story. Margaret Thatcher

The dirty little secret is this: we stray from the basics because we feel the need to entertain the older believers. If a believer is so steeped in truth that he is bored by it, he ought to get up and go empty himself so as to be desperate for a refill. The world is perishing. I don’t want to disciple the older sheep, but thrust him out of the fold and into the field, thus making room for more raw material.


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