Update from Pastor Virgil and FCF Tucson

Hello Friend,

I wanted to touch base with you and thank you for your continued prayer and support for our efforts to get the Word to people who need it. Eric Sonera and I are headed to Guatemala City this week to do a three day Leadership Summit for FCF International. It is our first trip to Guatemala and we are looking forward to new relationships and opportunities there. We covet your prayers.

Eric and I ministered in Mexico City at the annual FCF Mundial Congreso in July. It was a blow out. We provided pastors with discipleship material for their small group ministries. The morning sessions averaged 60+ pastors and church leaders. The reports of what God is doing were truly remarkable. Pastor Roberto Milian and the FCFM family are doing a remarkable job of reaching out with the Word of faith to places you and I never heard of, touching people we could never reach.

Pastor John Smith just returned from Belize, where he ministered to pastors and leaders in the Punta Gorda region. They have been using our FMTI material there for several years and have seen amazing results. On this trip we were able to supply Pastor Victor with our entire first year Bible school (128 hours of video, class outlines, and fillable homework files) on a flashdrive. In areas where internet is not reliable, we now can reach anyone who has a computer with the same instruction they would receive right here in Tucson. This is huge! Here are a few words from Pastor John about his time in Belize:

“Pastor Victor & Sharon Hernandez have been using FMTI in their church for the past 6 years and for the past 2 years they extended it as a school of ministry to local missionaries and pastors in the Punta Gorda area of Toledo in Belize. There are dozens of small communities around the area and pastors from 4 indigenous peoples were present. I was very impressed with the work and Pastor Victor is very respected in the community. He recently was elected to a 5 year term as president of the local ministerial association and represents the Evangelical Christians of the Region of Toledo to the Prime Minister of Belize. Their church is about 7 miles from the largest city in the area (Punta Gorda) in a town called Jacintoville. Their current facility is bursting at the seams and we had 167 people that came from miles away most on foot or by bus. Belize is bombarded with missionaries and churches that have only a handful of people and don’t do much to reach the community, but they continue to spread the Gospel and actually make a difference. I taught 14 hours over 3 days (8 hours of class, 3 services, 3 hours of radio).” Click

for a video report.

On the home front, we just finished putting together a class based on my book, Is There an Interpreter in the House?” It is four hours and includes an outline of the teaching. It is also free to anyone who desires to learn more about finding and following the flow of the Spirit in their services. You can access it on our Faith Ministry Training Institute website, FMTIonline.com.

For you New Yorkers, I will be in Scotia at Believers Fellowship Center on Thursday, September, 26th, then in Oneonta at Living Water Faith Fellowship the 27th through the 29th. I will be sharing the teaching on prayer, “A Closet Revival.”

Judy and I, and all the associated ministers who do the work are grateful for you and your faithfulness in support of our efforts. Thank you!

Keep your heart and keep the faith,

Virgil Stokes


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