Out of the Abundance of the Heart

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Building People of Substance for Works of Power

Here’s something you need to know, Amigos

What you don’t know can hurt you, or at least keep you from getting healed. Sometimes we have been taught wrong things that keep us from getting healed. Ronald Reagan said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.” The same is true of many Christians. Since 1980 I have prayed for thousands of people. Thank God, many receive and walk away whole. But there are those who don’t. I cry for them. Often, I can tell right away who will and who won’t be healed. Their words and their attitude give them away. They say things like, “If it’s His will,” or “I sure hope He heals me,” or “I believe God is going to heal me.” Others say “Oh, yes, I’m healed!” But there is a whine in their voice that gives away their masquerade. Through the years, I have identified three specific bits of knowledge that are vital to grabbing hold of God’s healing promise:

1. It is God’s will to heal you. I am reminded of the leper who came to Jesus in Mark Chapter one. He questioned Jesus’s willingness to heal him. Jesus responded, “I am willing.” (Mark 1:41) He healed a leper, the outcast of outcasts, the very image of uncleanness. He is willing to heal you, too. (See last week’s OOTA for more on the subject of God’s will to heal)

2. You are righteous. You have been forgiven of all your sins, but more than that, you have been changed into a new person. The new you is righteous by nature. You have the privilege to stand before

God without shame or fear. You can come boldly to the throne and ask for what you want. Hebrews 4:14-16 / Romans 5:19 / Ephesians 4:24

3. Faith is always now. When God spoke to Moses from the burning bush, He introduced Himself as “I AM.” We often relegate Him to the past, “God used to heal,” or the future, “I hope He is going to heal me,” but we shudder to say “I am healed.” Faith receives the promise of God right now. Hope is tomorrow, regret is yesterday, faith is now because that is where God is. Mark 11:24 / 2 Corinthians 4:13

Somebody Said: “There is no sickness problem. There is simply a problem of the believer’s coming to know his inheritance in Christ.” E. W. Kenyon

Scripture Reading: A leper came to him, begging on his knees, “If you want to, you can cleanse me.” Deeply moved, Jesus put out his hand, touched him, and said, “I want to. Be clean.” Then and there the leprosy was gone, his skin smooth and healthy. (Mark 1:40-42 MSG)

It’s a good day to quit lamenting past faith failures or looking longingly to a nebulous fantasy of future deliverance. Begin laying foundations for the next victory. Begin by meditating on the healing scriptures until you are convinced of His will to heal you. Next, move on to righteousness verses. Look for every blessing promised to the just or the righteous. That is who you are. Finally, begin to meditate on Mark 11:24 and 2 Corinthians 4:13. When you see something in the Word that belongs to you, believe it, then say it out loud, “It’s mine I have it now!” Let’s do this!

Pastor Virgil L. Stokes
Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson
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Tucson, AZ 85745
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