Hermosillo Congreso 2019: Day 3

Avoiding Pitfalls

Saturday began with a pretty direct discussion of the dangers that face us as an organization.  Those who have gone before and fallen have been tripped up by personal sin, pride, strife, and doctrinal failures.  We will make every effort to avoid the pitfalls. This was followed by Fred and Cookie Brothers very passionately and plainly sharing the heart of FCF.  The emphasis was on doing ministry as a team. When we commit to relationship and shared purpose, we can overcome disagreements and use them to spawn even better solutions.  The morning concluded with a powerful message on faith from Pastor Mario Fragoso.

Fred and Cookie with Vicki Parlier

After a hearty lunch of carne asada, costillas, and tripo with some beans and quesadillas, The evening session blasted off with powerful worship.  The first message was from Pastor Jose Santos Ramos.  He preached on his passion for the displaced people who are flooding into Mexico.  He pointed out that God is giving us the opportunity to reach them by bringing them here.  It was a powerful, powerful message. The grand finale came when Rev. Fred Brothers ministered on crossing over into the promise before us as individuals and as an organization.  The Congreso ended with a march of the entire congregation through a symbolic doorway formed by the upraised arms of 6 ministers, creating a sort of human tunnel into a new level in our lives. 

Pastor Santos
Lord, I give you my life.

What a great weekend. I believe God has informed hearts and joined us together in a new level of connection as we continue to carry the Message of faith in the power of the Spirit. Form my personal perspective, it was deeply gratifying to see so many of our students from Instituto de Entrenamiento Ministerial de Fe taking their part in the Congreso. God is using our efforts to touch lives, and I am grateful.

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