Happy New Year from Virgil and Judy Stokes

Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

FCF Tucson transition service

Just a note to say “Thanks” for all your prayers and support in 2019. What a year! In February we released our Tucson congregation into the able hands of Pastors John and Valarie Smith, and they are doing a great job. We are privileged to be a part of what God is doing at Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson. Since then we have continued to use our Faith Ministry Training Institute program to move Christians from the pew to the harvest. God has allowed me to speak into the lives of churches and leaders and I am grateful for the opportunity. The anointing on the pulpit ministry has been turned up a notch. I have been very busy. Thank you.

In Mexico we did 10 Bible school trips, preached in 12 churches, and hosted 9 breakfasts for leaders. In addition, I did pastors seminars and leadership training in Panama, Cuba, and Peru. All three of those nations are using our FMTI materials. We are blessed. God also has allowed us to minister to several congregations in New York state. I made two trips there in 2019 and will continue to visit there bi-annually. God is good and I am striving to let Him order my steps to places that need what He has given me.

I believe 2020 is going to be a wild ride. The divisions in our nation (and around the world) will seem to widen. The volume will increase. That is a result of what is going on in the Spirit. The darkness will seem darker, but it’s only because the light is shining brighter. The light will shine brighter as bushels are being removed and dying embers are either fanned into fresh flame or are removed to the dust bin. We must remember not to fight the darkness, but to shine the light. There are many bound in the darkness through ignorance and/or rebellion who will need to be able to see the light when they find themselves mired in the pigpen.

Our call for 2020 will emphasize equipping, encouraging, and inspiring believers to take the power and the love of God out of the upper room and into the streets where they live. In 1983 the Holy Spirit spoke to me: “A life lived selfishly is a life wasted. The only reason for a man to live is to bring others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and teach them to do likewise. For this purpose I have called you, don’t forget it.” Let’s do this!

You are much appreciated. Have a wonderful 2020.

Virgil and Judy Stokes

P.S. Prayer for the new year: January 23-25 is the annual Congreso in Hermosillo, Sonora. This year there are 9 churches actively involved. Others will be added through this meeting. The speakers are Pastor John Smith, Pastor Randy Winkles, and myself. Local pastors will speak as the Spirit leads.

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