Healing Help Video #25: Believe You Receive

Today’s video addresses what is perhaps the most counterintuitive aspect of faith: you must “believe you receive when you pray.”  I know this can be difficult.  I know because I’ve asked people and heard their responses.  Those who have been taught this idea over and over still can’t answer the simple question, “What does Mark 11: 24 say you will have?”  Most look mildly befuddled, then respond, “What I asked for.”  I tell them to read it again.  They often still can’t see it.  The promise is that you will have what you believe you receive when you pray.  Not what you hope to receive later, but what you believe is yours at the moment you say, “Amen.” 

Today’s lesson, “Believe You Receive,” will help you grab what’s yours in the realm of the spirit.

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For the print teaching on this subject click here.

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