Healing Help Video 56: The Flow of Kingdom Authority

Great faith and the authority to command mountains come through submission, not domination.  The Kingdom of God runs on authority and submission.


There is something in the nature of man that automatically recoils at the term “submission.”  We are inherently rebellious. “Who says!” and “You can’t tell me what to do! “are hard-wired into most of us.  Be that as it may, in the Kingdom of God, there can be only one King.  Ultimately, our spiritual life is founded upon the bedrock of obedience to Him.  In order to understand the things of the Kingdom, we must come to an understanding of the nature of authority and submission.  

The wonderful truth is that submission to the authority of God is good.  He is good, He loves me, and when I obey Him, I can be sure it serves my best interest.  As a general principle, few Christians will argue with that assessment, though they may bridle at some of the specific implications in their own lives.  In today’s lesson, we continue to connect the goodness of God to the authority in the Kingdom and the blessings that come with being properly positioned to receive.

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