Back in the Fray

I have been remiss in writing on this blog for a good while.  Every time I start, I back off.  This particular page is supposed to be just me and my thoughts, but i realize that in my job, there are those who will be disturbed by some of my comments.  Therefore, I have been silent.  Nearly every day I am struck by something that seems to me to portend the end of our nation as we know it.  I have for some years felt that the United States would decline from its position as a world power prior to the coming of  the Lord.  As I watch the acceleration of the twin snowballs of economic collapse and political tyranny, I am both saddened and excited.  I am saddened to see the end of such a grand experiment in government, but I am thrilled to know that Jesus is coming.  That said, if folks get offended, then so be it.  Our country is on fire, and the bucket brigade that has shown up to fight it is armed with empty containers.  God fill me afresh and help me get back in the fray.

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