Willing to help

I read that Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt and the pols who invented it can’t figger out what to do about it.  (Frankenstein comes to mind)  I am 62.  In just 3 years I will be at the show-me-the-money threshold of 65.   A little break on health insurance would be nice, since I have basically lived without it for 35 years.  But, I love my country, and if I thought it would actually help the nation deal with its debt, I would happily forego my benefits under both plans for 5 years.  I don’t think I am alone.  I believe there are many “seniors” who would keep on working and put off retirement in order to save the nation.  Here’s the rub: even if we do it, the pols will steal the money again just like they have been stealing it ever since I was 14 and started paying into the system.  Obama’s “shared sacrifice” means that Washington shares in whatever they can force me to sacrifice.  Their record is just too poor to trust them with anything of any importance.  I would feel better if they would just offer me a lump sum buyout for SS and Medicare, then let me fend for myself.  Kind of a bankruptcy settlement for willing seniors.  I would take 50 cents on the dollar for my projected benefits right now and they can get my part of the unfunded liability off the books.

Justa  thought.

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