Missing Ike

President Obama quipped in a speech in Iowa that the Republican convention espoused ideas "better suited for the last century. "You might as well have watched it on a black and white TV." the crowd laughed and cheered. That set me to thinking: the last half of the last century was my half-century. Looking around … Continue reading Missing Ike

Pull up your pants!

Today I see we are debating the justness of asking a young man to pull his pants up so as to cover his rear and his crotch while riding on a public aircraft.  This is deemed by some to be reactionary and even racist.  This on the heels of the great Weiner controversy wherein we … Continue reading Pull up your pants!

Willing to help

I read that Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt and the pols who invented it can't figger out what to do about it.  (Frankenstein comes to mind)  I am 62.  In just 3 years I will be at the show-me-the-money threshold of 65.   A little break on health insurance would be nice, since I … Continue reading Willing to help