Pull up your pants!

Today I see we are debating the justness of asking a young man to pull his pants up so as to cover his rear and his crotch while riding on a public aircraft.  This is deemed by some to be reactionary and even racist.  This on the heels of the great Weiner controversy wherein we are asked to decide of it is inappropriate for a sitting US congressman to send nude pictures of himself to random women via the internet, thus insuring eventual exposure (pardon th pun).  What occurs to me is how pitiful that a once-great nation now has to even consider such questions.  Pull up your pants, you are disgusting.  (Normal people have to sit next to you) Put down your camera, the rest of us are not enraptured by your body.  You are a narcissist and should go back to the bar stool to purvey your lies.  The only question in both these issues is whether the perpetrator should be arrested, or simply fined and sent home to be spanked by his father.

Just a thought.

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