I don’t want to ride the bus

It struck me odd this morning to hear an ad on the radio encouraging me to call my congressperson (if I had one) in order to influence her vote on financing for public transportation.  It sounded so reasonable! I mean we all have to get to work and to the store and to the movies, and gas prices are just going on up. Shouldn’t we expect the government to provide a way for us to get around, no matter how inconvenient it is to carry groceries on the train the bus and the trolley? That is the subtle double-speak of government intervention.  The same government that is causing the energy shortage by outrageous regulation of the energy industry also wants to provide a mass transit system to move us around paid for by by taking tax dollars from us.  How about we get government out of the way, empower R&D and exploration, and let us drive where we want to.  If the government drives the bus, then I can only go where the government wants me to go.  The issue is not energy or transportation, the issue is liberty.

Just a thought

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