Healing Help Video 60: How to Get Connected

We have been looking at the very difficult subject of submission to authority for the Christian, and its connection to receiving healing.  We’ve identified  4 Facts that will help you get a balance on this subject: The whole Kingdom works on authority and submission, God has established lines of authority in every major area of life, great faith and the exercise of spiritual authority require that I be under authority, and fact #4:  Submission is given, not taken; offered, not demanded.  

Last time we identified characteristics to look for in church leadership before you offer your submission.  It’s your decision and it’s and important one for your spiritual well-being. Once you have located your place, it’s up to you to connect so you can receive the full benefit that God intends.  The same passages that give us qualifications for shepherds also describe the responsibilities of sheep.  Today we want to identify ways to maximize your spiritual connection.

For the print version of this lesson, click here.

For the complete list of Healing Help videos click here.

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