Who do you want in charge?

I noticed this week that the National Football League and the players manged to hash out an agreement over which of the rich people would get the most money.  One day they met for over 13 hours.  When they were interviewed they were generally discrete, respectful, and professional.  These are guys who get paid to run into each other in a pasture.  A little south, down on the Potomac, we had our national leaders dealing with a financial crunch that has the potential to impact the entire world, possibly impoverishing millions.  They are lawyers with degrees from Ivy League schools.  They get paid to listen to whoever pays them the most and then make those people richer at our expense.  In their passion to defuse an international crisis, they managed to meet for nearly 6 hours during the entire week.  That number was easily matched by the time they spent in press conferences divulging sensitive material to the public, lying about what was said, and calling each other names.  I am not encouraged or impressed.

Here’s my suggestion:  Let’s put the Potomac bunch in the pasture and let them run into each other, hopefully knocking some sense into themselves.  While they are keeping busy, we can appoint a committee of lineman, linebackers and a couple of quarterbacks and give them 48 hours to solve the debt ceiling issue.  I think we have a better chance with the jocks than with the pols.  It’s a character thing.

Just a thought.

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