God’s About to do Something.

The other day as I was thinking on the death of liberty and the demise of western cviization ( for I do believe that is what we are watching), I prayed what has become a common prayer of late: “Lord, what are we going to do?”  Much to my surprise, in my heart I heard Him answer my mostly rhetorical query. “You are asking the wrong questtion. The question is, what am I going to do.” That encouraged me. God is about to do something significant, and we get to be in on it. I am not moved by the cataclysm. I am hopeful because God has somehing up His sleeve.

One thought on “God’s About to do Something.

  1. I would say he already has. This year’s candidates from the Republican party are so outrageously out of touch with reality that it is impossible for them to be elected and thus continue the path started by Bush, we are reaping the punishment of Bush’s regime right now, and will for long to come regardless of who is president.
    It will take decades to undo the damage already done, and the path is neither easy or straight, but slowly that damage might be corrected.
    Thanks for the positive post!

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