Congressional candidate

Yesterday was a frosty morning in Tucson – a very rare occurrence.  Some of our citizens were unfamiliar with the concept of ice on the windshield.  At the stop sign near our house, my dog and I watched as a man in a Chevy slowly approached the intersection.  His windshield was ice-covered.  He obviously couldn’t see, but he was moving forward anyway.  He squinted, swiped at the inside of the glass with his hand, and turned on the wipers. all to no avail.  Still he moved forward, never stopping to scrape or wait for the defroster to heat up.  It occurred to me that this man belongs in Washington.  He is OK with just moving ahead with no regard to disaster in the road, blind but driving on, making gestures, but never addressing the problem.  My prayer is for those who get in his way.

Just a thought



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