Out of the Abundance of the Heart

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Building People of Substance for Works of Power

Let’s make an impact, Amigos.

I recently had the privilege of spending several days with my good friends, Dennis and Jeanne Cook, in the Darien region of Panama. They have been missionaries there for over 30 years. Their lives of faithfulness and commitment to the Word of God have touched the whole region across generations. I asked them for the most important things they would say to people back in the U. S. who might be toying with the idea of serving on the foreign field. I thought their responses were helpful for anyone who wants to effectively serve the Lord in any way:

1. Know that you are called. There will be many opportunities to get discouraged. You will get tired. People, even other Christians, will betray you, lie about you, and fail to keep their promises to you. You will have times when you are empty, yet the demands of the work still go on. If you are doing it for reasons other than obedience to God, you will quit.

2. Remember that God is your source. If you are depending on anything, or anyone, other than God to meet your needs and the needs of the ministry, you will be subject to financial manipulation. You will be tempted to do things to make money rather than to help people. You will be tempted to disobey God because you lack the money to obey. You will piously intone that you are “just counting the cost,” but you will know inside that you are really just scared to fail. You will be pressured to say things to please people, or not say things to avoid offending people. Money will be your motive and your master.

Know the mission of the Master and the Master of the mission. Therein lie purpose and provision.

Somebody Said: You can motivate by a mission or motivate by money. The mission will work. Ron Johnson

Scripture Reading: Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble. Going down that path, some lose their footing in the faith completely and live to regret it bitterly ever after. (1 Timothy 6:10 MSG)

I thank God for people who have lived the life, run the race, and learned the lessons. What a treasure trove of wisdom we have in our day. God give us enough sense to pay attention and learn.

Pastor Virgil L. Stokes
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