Panamá 2019: Day 5

Saturday is a long day. We began the seminar on Divorce and Recovery at 9 AM and ended at 3 PM. Eduardo and I did the whole thing. It was a tough subject with lots of tradition to plow through, but it was well received. The room was full, and there were several denominational backgrounds represented. I counted 8 senior pastors, and at least 2 who are in leadership of their organizations. The Q and A at the end of the day let me know we had touched a nerve with many. I left them with a rather extensive outline of the subject that I believe will impact many lives in the region.

In the evening the team went to Arimae. The village is still smarting from the death of a young man from an intoxicated suicide. The church was full and overflowing as Doug Dolan gave his testimony, including losing a friend to the same plague of addiction. God moved and many young people, parents, entire families came for prayer and counsel. We will leave material on the 7Principles for those who want to take steps toward recovery. At the same time, we will continue to plan for future events to strengthen the fabric of individual village responses to this growing menace.

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