Panama 2019: Headed Home

We spent yesterday driving to Panama City, then doing some sightseeing. The Canal is still amazing, Casco Viejo is quaint and overpriced, and Mi Ranchito is still a great restaurant (I love the ceviche and the Calamari a la Criolla, but the Patacones are the stars of the show) The real highlight of the day was the time with our team and with the Cooks.  We retold old tales and updated the oral history with the additions of the last week. Thanks to each of them for enriching my life, and the lives of so many others.

As we make our different ways home today, I know each of us is processing what happened and what lies ahead.  This trip was so obviously orchestrated by the Lord! We came prepared to address two very difficult topics: divorce, and drug addiction.  As coincidence would have it, both were very much in the forefront in the region at this moment. As a result, our events were well-attended, and lives were touched.  We managed to impart information, and I believe we have the groundwork for action.

Thanks to the Cooks, to Elixandri Sanjur Alvarez, and to Pastor Luis in Arimae. Special mention to Doug Dolan for his expertise on the addiction front, and to Eduardo and Rosa Andrade for being extensions of the heart of this ministry in so many ways.  I believe God is doing something in each of them.  Thanks to each of you who prayed and gave to support this effort.  Please don’t stop.  This was not just an event, but the beginning of a new phase.  We are looking forward to seeing what God is up to.

Now, let’s go home and get ready for IEMFe Hermosillo on Thursday!

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