Ministry Update: June 2019

“From the pew to the harvest.”  Matthew 9:36-38

July 6, 2019

June has come and gone, the 4th of July is behind us, and the summer is heating up.  Thank you for hanging with us to reach lives with the Word of God. As I travel I am constantly grateful for the opportunity I have had to be exposed to great Bible teaching and to wonderful men and women of God who demonstrated the life of faith.  As we celebrated Father’s Day I was again reminded of the value of the lives that forged the way for me. In this new season of ministry, I am able to share some of the things I have learned along the way with others.  It’s a good time.  You are a shareholder in every life that is affected.

The New York Connection.

I spent the first 10 days of June in New York state.  It’s a wonderful thing to have friends that last a lifetime.  You could say I followed the Mohawk River from Schenectady to Fort Plain, then rolled down the Susquehanna to Oneonta and back to Albany.  4 churches kept me quite active with 5 services, a seminar, and meeting with 2 leadership teams.  God seems to be re-igniting relationships formed over the last forty years.  He is giving me the opportunity to speak into the lives of pastors and churches facing the challenges of being Word and Spirit people in an age that seems determined to substitute technology for power.  I believe we can help.

Two major themes seemed dominant. First my old stand-by, addiction. I did a three-hour seminar dealing with the subject in Ft Plain.  The response was very good.  It still amazes me to see religious attitudes that block churches from helping those in the throes of addiction.  Why would you want to kill someone over semantics?  Our courses and printed material provide a scientific and biblical template for anyone who wishes to use it.  Small group study guides are available free of charge. Contact me. I know we can help.

Theme number 2 was about making transitions. We are in a time of change as a culture, and we are also toward the end of the “Word church” pioneering generation.  There arose in the 70’s and 80’s a swarm of eager beavers, many coming from secular careers, who were fired up about the Word of Faith and the Holy Spirit.  Feeding on the legacy of the titans of the healing revival and the charismatic teaching movement, they dispersed to the 4 winds and pioneered works all over the land. Now there are many who are dealing with shifts of culture and the realities of age. They are looking for viable ways to keep their works alive.  I believe we can help.

I return to New York at the end of October to visit the churches.  There were at least 2 churches I had to turn down on this trip, and I will rectify that.  We are also planning a men’s conference in the Schenectady area during that time.  Stay tuned for further info.

Hermosillo, Sonora.  Instituto de Entrenamiento Ministerial de Fe.

Our Bible school reminds me of the little engine that could.  We just keep chuggin’ along.  June 20 and 21 we continued the class on Healing Truth, teaching on the example of Jesus, both the revelation of His will to heal and the methods He used to do it.  Just like last month, I had folks coming up, some in tears, to thank me for bringing this word to them.  We forget how blessed we have been in understanding the will of God to heal.  God is not making you sick!  (The class is available on flash drive at 

Thanks to Pastor John Smith, Rev. Joyce Hughes, Rev. Joshua Taylor, Xavier Vela, and Malenie Mendia from FCF Tucson for their hard work.  I am also always grateful to my translator and general assistant, Eduardo Andrade and his wife, Rosa.  What a team! (FMTI is what prepared most of these folks.  If you need people for your ministry, we can help you build them:

Pastors / Leaders Breakfast.

On Saturday, June 22, we spoke to 16 leaders from 8 ministries at the monthly breakfast.  You guys prepared a wonderful meal for them. Thank you.  We are discussing the nature of leadership, and the importance of having a clear vision.  I believe this content is helping to clarify purpose for many of these men and women.  We heard testimonies of what God did in their churches for Father’s Day, and it touched my heart.  One pastor tearfully reported that his three sons all spoke in the service, fulfilling a dream he has had since they were little boys.  We took this opportunity emphasize the importance of building men in godly character, (Special kudos to Pastor John for being instant when called on,) 

Refilled and refreshed.

After Hermosillo, I came straight home to preach at FCF Tucson on Sunday the 23rd.  Judy and I left on Monday for Tulsa, where the Faith Christian Fellowship Family Church Conference was a time of hearing heaven and greeting old friends.  Interestingly, one of the currents at the conference was planning for transitions.  For Judy and I, maybe the biggest blessing was just the fact that she was able to make the trip and come home in relatively good condition.  It had been four years since Judy was able to travel with me, and she did brilliantly.  Thank you, Jesus. 

Free Stuff!!!!  Bible Study

One of our goals is to provide quality, affordable materials with sound teaching for local churches and individuals.  For those who are not interested in addiction recovery, or are not ready to enroll in bible school, but who want a good bible study course for their personal growth, let me recommend the Real Disciples Study Guide.  I prepared this for use in our local church small groups, and in the jails and prisons. It takes the student through 9 lessons designed to give them a solid foundation for the Christian life.  The course includes the written notes and links to videos of each class. You can find it, along with a bunch of other stuff, at

Visit Facebook Page.

A little help, please! I have a Facebook page for the ministry. Search on Facebook for  @contendforthesupernatural or go to  If you want to be a big help, hit SHARE while you’re there.

Coming Attractions:

July 15-22.  Hermosillo Divine Healing Class concludes.

August – TBA trip to San Luis Rio Colorado for IEMFe

August 21-30.  Vacation.  I am gonna see that canyon just so I can say I did.

September 13-14.  Hermosillo, Sonora. IEMFe Level 2 – Planning for Success

September 19-20.  Hermosillo Money, Ordinances, and Music class begins

October 1-8. Peru.  Bible School graduation.  Pastors training.

October 17-18. Hermosillo Money, Ordinances, and Music class continues.

October 26- November 3.  Upstate New York.  TBA

November 8-9. Southern AZ Pastors and Leaders Gathering. Living Faith Christian Center. Tucson

November 14-15.  Hermosillo Money, Ordinances, and Music class concludes.

Now Scheduling:  Contact me to schedule something at your place.  Email or call 520-792-3238.

Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and contributions and for believing in us.  You make it possible for us to continue.  I have some things in my heart that will require God to get done.  Please continue to pray for our activities, and for the health and provision to do them. God is doing things I never dreamed of, and I am just along for the ride.  I am writing between travels, so pray for me to get that done.  You and I are making a difference for people you may never see until we hit heaven. It is important.

Pray that I will connect with the churches and pastors that need the grace that’s on me.  I don’t just want to go because I can, I want to go because I should. Thanks.

We are part of Faith Christian Fellowship of TucsonFinancial support can be sent there or given online at  

Yours in His service,

Virgil and Judy Stokes

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