Sunday Supernaturally: Make Mother’s Day Happy

The father of godly children has cause for joy. What a pleasure to have children who are wise. So give your father and mother joy! May she who gave you birth be happy. 

(Proverbs 23:24-25 NLT)

It’s Mother’s Day and it’s Sunday. Though not a uniquely Christian celebration, most churches celebrate Mom today.  It will be a little different this year amid an epidemic.  I’m sure Facebook will be rife with Mother’s Day messages from virtual pulpits everywhere.  My mom is with the Lord, as is Judy’s.  Both survived many trials in life, with some of the most difficult having to do with wayward children.  Thank God they got to see us both delivered and serving God.

This year, as our world seems quite insane, I keep thinking about my Grandma.  She was born in 1899 on a farm in southern Oklahoma.  She survived living in Indian Territory, was 8 when statehood happened, and a teenager during World War 1 and the Spanish Flu.  She had a baby at home and was abandoned by her husband.  She quit school after the 8th grade and picked cotton to make enough to feed my mom, marrying a sharecropper and a generally mean man.  They survived the Depression, and in World War 2, she was a cook on an army base.  She used those skills to get a job in a café which she bought when the owners retired.  She ran that business through the Korean War, the Viet Nam war, and the impeachment of President Nixon.  She went to Heaven in 1982.  She was the toughest, most hard-working human being I have ever known.  My guess is she would get a kick out of our misery today – ain’t it awful I can’t get my favorite toilet paper?  Does Sears still print a catalogue?

I am grateful for Grandma, who taught me to suck it up, find a job, and do it with all your might.  You can get through this.  I pray you had someone to impart value to your life.  Be sure to honor them today.    Whether your church is meeting together or online, find someone who has been a mother to others and let them know you are grateful. They might be needing it right now. If your mom is still alive, make her Mother’s Day happy – live right!

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