Healing Help Video #28: There’s Power in Your Words

Words spoken from a heart of faith play a significant role in receiving God’s promise of healing.  It’s important to be aware of what’s coming out of your mouth because that reflects what you have in your heart.  Faith is of the heart.  Just saying things over and over doesn’t make your healing come.  Faith says it because you believe it has already been done.  If you mess up, get frustrated or angry, and say something you regret, God still loves you.  Just say “oops!” and correct yourself, then speak what you believe. Don’t forget, faith and denial sound exactly the same.  Don’t pretend you believe just to impress your friends.

In today’s lesson, “There’s Power in Your Words,” we take a look at the purposes and power that are in the words that come from a heart of faith.

For the printed material with all the Scriptures for the lesson, click here.

Click here for the list of all the Healing Help Videos.

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