October Report from Pastorvirgil

“Moving Christians from the pew to the harvest.” Matthew 9:36-38

October 31, 2020

It’s gonna be OK.

Encouraging words for the next few days:

Three weeks ago we were in church on Sunday morning. The worship team began singing a newer version of the old chorus, “God is so good.” As we worshipped, the Holy Spirit said, “and I will still be good on November the 4th.” I knew that was the day after the coming election. He went on to say, “I will still be your provider. I will still be your healer. I will still be your protector. Your purpose will be the same. Your anointing will be the same. My plan will be the same. You will still live in Goshen. I have already been to November 4th, and it is going to be OK.”

A week later, I had a dream. Judy and I were on a big airliner. Judy was reclined in one of those long-haul first class lounger chairs, and I was sitting nest to her and praying for her. The crew members were dressed in checkered dresses and had on those funny little hats they used to wear years ago. They announced that the plane was going to crash and we were all going to be killed. We should get ready. I was not panicked, and there was no chaos on board, just a kind of weird resignation. The crew kept telling us there was no hope. They finally announced that 2 engines were gone and the end would come soon. I just kept praying for Judy, who seemed to be taking a nap. Then suddenly, we were on the ground and everyone began to get off the plane. Everything was OK!”

2020 has indeed been a wild ride. It will continue. Don’t get nervous. I’m convinced that the message to the Church from the God who doesn’t change is, “it’s gonna be OK.”

The coming election: Don’t sit home. There is too much at stake. Vote for those who are pro-life. Vote for those who will appoint or confirm judges who follow the Constitution. Free speech and freedom of religion are hanging in the balance. Vote for those who see the problems but insist that we use the tools in our wonderful system to solve them. Don’t vote for those who want to blow up the system. Take time to read this “Primer on Voting,” then share it with somebody. This is a big deal.

The Ministry Goes On:


Instituto de Entrenamiento Ministerial de Fe. The last classes of the first level will be taught in Hermosillo next week. Our ministry team are doing a great job. Special thanks to Pastora Margarita Garcia for stepping into a new role in teaching classes. She is doing a great job! Graduation is scheduled for December 5. Congreso 2021 is on the books for January 28-30. Pray for us to get this done in spite of the virus spike.

@IEMFeonline. We are continuing and expanding the Facebook page. The addiction classes are posting weekly, along with Ayuda para sanar.

The travel schedule is still in flux due to spikes in virus cases. Pray that we can travel in the United States as well as Mexico.

BIG DEAL announcement: The new book is done: “Man Alive! Christian Manhood in a Twisted World” is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

This project grew out of a men’s meeting in 2018. I was moved by the hearts of men who wanted so desperately to serve the Lord, but who were struggling to do so. In a culture gone mad with sensuality and saturated with sexual imagery, men want to live holy lives. Told by the media that our traditional masculine behaviors are harmful, something inside cries, “NO!” As Christian men, we often struggle to live the kind of lives our hearts tell us we can and should: to be disciples, husbands, fathers, and real men.

The Apostle Paul told the Corinthians to “act like men (1 Cor. 16:13 ESV).” He knew they would understand that language. God has planted in our hearts an image of what manhood was meant to be. Though the role of men in the culture has changed dramatically over the last four decades, the heart cry of men has not. I surveyed my Christian friends, asking the question “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term Manhood? The responses led me into quite the journey. The responses were all character traits, not physical ones.

This book is aimed at men and men’s groups. In organizing a men’s group meeting here, I struggled to find material that had substance and was not so filled with religion and unbelief that it required a filter. I hope the result is helpful.

Please Pray:

  • · For our nation. This is God’s country, and He will deliver. It’s revival time!
  • For our ministry:
    • The vehicle fund is growing. Agree with us for the rest we need for a reliable vehicle for use in Mexico. Our team and teachers need to have a way to move about.
    • Open doors of ministry, able laborers for every good work.
    • Physical strength and financial supply.

Help Wanted:

I need at least one volunteer with some basic tech ability to help with publishing and social media. This would be a great ministry you can do from home! Requirements are a decent internet connection, a computer, and the ability to use them. (A heart for getting this Word to people would also help.)

Support. “Thank you!” You have been faithful to help us keep going and growing. You are great! Financial support can be sent to Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson at the address below, or given online at www.fcftucson.org. Make checks payable to FCFT, you can designate for missions or pastorvirgil and it will get where it needs to go. Thanks again.

Don’t forget to visit www.pastorvirgil.com. Lots of new stuff every week. You don’t want to miss it. Share it with your friends. You can help by looking at the Pastorvirgil.com Facebook page and hitting follow. Whenever you see a post, share it. This will help us reach more people.

As always, Judy and I strive to be worthy of your prayers and support. If we can serve you in any way, please let us know. Thank you!!!!!

Yours in His service,

Virgil and Judy Stokes

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