People Get Ready

Just thinking about the state of the world and wondering what we can do to be ready for a global meltdown.  Our currency is in trouble.  Supply lines for food and energy are threatened.  We have foreign insurgents living in our cities in sleeper cells.  On a personal level, I try to keep a good supply of food and ammunition.  I am keeping the trimmings from my trees to dry for wood.  Maybe a sturdy bike and an emergency light source would be a good idea.

On a broader plane, if the Lord tarries, we are going to need each other to get along.  What can we look at as communities – churches, school districts, neighborhoods? How about some ideas on printing scrip as a basis for a mini-economy?  I’m thinking willing backyard farmers can divide up the responsibility – I’ll do lettuce, you do tomatoes.  (Someone has to do chiles) One of the biggies may be how to care for our elderly and infirm, and educate our kids.  Nursing homes, schools and, hospitals without federal aid are gonna be going away.  Can we organize to share care?

Just sayin”

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