Sad News

I am very sad to report that my best friend and faithful companion, Tobie, went to be with the Lord on Saturday morning last. He had been quite ill for a while, and just couldn’t recover this time. Judy and I are grateful to the Lord for letting us have 8 years with the best dog ever created. He was the perfect fit for us as we navigated through starting a church when we were too old to do so, burying my mom, and nursing Judy’s mom through her bout with cancer. Tobie remained calm and positive through it all. He never wavered. For the religionists out there who would claim that dogs don’t go to heaven, all I can say is you either don’t know the Lord or you didn’t know Tobie. Either way, I feel sorry for you. I will attempt to share some of the things he taught me in the days ahead.
vlsTobie and Mama

Tobie and Judy

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