Public Employee Unions – a Very Bad Idea

Speaking as a former public (government) employee, I have always had an aversion to collective bargaining in that arena. The whole concept of unionization was designed to protect employees in the private sector from the abuses that could and did result from the erratic behavior of the market, and the manipulative behavior of corporate leaders. The idea was that the mass of employees could be more effective in obtaining a fair share of profits, as well as assuming their fair share of risk. Neither of those outcomes are applicable to public employees. They work for us. When public employees strike, they are demanding a larger share of the profits from the labors of private sector workers. That is the only source for their income. Government can print money, but it cannot produce wealth. In addition, public employees are bargaining with politicians as the representatives of the “public.” These same politicians are subject to election which may be financed, endorsed, and operationally supported by public employee unions. That is an open door to corruption – politicians beholden to public unions are disbursing funds earned by private sector workers, funds which the politician has not worked for are used to make promises he is not responsible to keep. It is just a formula for catastrophe. Oh, wait a minute! It has already caused a catastrophe. Who knew?

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