Free Miracle Product. Use it.


I started using turmeric and drinking turmeric tea.  Why? I read an article that said it had great benefits. It helps your heart, decreases inflammation of joints, soothes the digestive tract, and improves circulation.  Why not?  We all buy into all kinds of claims about all kinds of stuff.  So, what if you could take something that would make you spiritually stronger, enable you to impact events around the world, and have intimate communication with the Creator of the Universe? Why would you pass up such a wonderful opportunity.  That is the promise to us concerning speaking in tongues.  When I pray in tongues, I speak divine mysteries to God, I edify myself, and I pray the will of God for the saints, even when I don’t know what I’m praying for.  That’s why the devil spends so much effort trying to dissuade us.  He tells folks that tongues are not for today, or they are certainly not for everyone, and even if you do speak in tongues, it will offend people and cause them to think you’re crazy.  Well, I’m not dissuaded. I’ve read the ads in the Book, and I am determined to experience the benefits.  Let’s do this!

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