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“Moving Christians from the pew to the harvest.” 

Matthew 9:36-38

The Hermosillo Project, Bible School and more, continues to blossom.

IEMFe continued March 14 & 15 as approximately 70 students attended 2 nights of classes on the Gifts of the Spirit.  It was a powerful time of instruction and demonstration.   Pastor John Smith taught the introduction to the gifts, comparing and contrasting the manifestations in 1 Corinthians to the purpose and function of the gifts in the lists in Ephesians 4 and Romans 12.

Rev. Brenda Mangen followed with teaching on the Revelation Gifts: Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and Discerning of Spirits.  She emphasized that God intends to use all believers, not just 5-fold ministers, to bring blessing to others through the manifestation of these gifts.  I closed out the classes by teaching and giving examples of the Power Gifts: Special Faith, Working of Miracles, and Gifts of Healings. We closed by ministering to the sick with an anointing that swept into the building as I was teaching on Gifts of Healings.

These classes are so important, as they bring an understanding that is so often missing in the churches.  For most of our students, this was the first time they had heard much of this material.  As a result, we all spent a good deal of time answering questions.  That is a valuable part of the process.  Thank God for students hungry for the Word.

For information on obtaining class materials for you or your church, call us at 520-792-3238. This stuff works.

Pastors Fellowship Breakfast

Pastor’s Breakfast

Saturday morning the 17th, we hosted the monthly pastors and leaders fellowship.  The discussion was quite useful, as we talked about our common beliefs, our commitments to one another, and the things that bind us together.  One major topic was how we will continue using the IEMFe material to train new generations of leaders after we complete the current cycle in April of 2020.  The pastors are eager to begin taking greater roles in the training process.  They’re identifying prospective instructors and beginning to envision the organizational structure that will be necessary.

We are currently teaching the first level of IEMFe (Faith Ministry Training Institute for you gringos) for the fourth time in the Hermosillo area.  This has taken place over a 20 year period.  In this breakfast meeting, planning for the future of this foundational program, there were graduates or current students from all 4 classes. The quality of men and women we see growing up in the Word and ministering to their communities tells me that we are on the right track. This stuff works! (Get a taste at

Campaña en El Sauz de Ures

Speaking of students ministering to their communities, Saturday and Sunday evening we took part in an outdoor campaign in Ures, home of Monte Horeb DeDios and Pastors Alejo Y Mariela Bravo.  Pastor Eduardo Andrade translated for me as we preached to around 100 people each night.  Saturday responded to the altar call for the new birth.  On Sunday we prayed for the sick and saw a huge response.  Pastor Alejo told me that the event brought much healing in the little community.  There are 7 evangelical churches, and 5 of them were represented in these meetings.  He said this was a breakthrough for them. It is encouraging to see the Word having an impact in these ministries.

WOVEN in Grace Women’s Conference: Miguel Aleman

Rev. Brenda Mangen led a women’s conference in Miguel Aleman on March 2nd. The results were staggering.  Brenda is the founder and creator of WOVEN in Grace , a ministry to survivors of abuse.  In this rural village, about 60 KM from Hermosillo, 138 women registered.  It was literally standing room only! 13 different churches were represented. God moved through the ministry to touch many lives.  Testimonies abounded, and churches in Hermosillo are asking for an event there as well.

In the current #metoo environment in our country, this is a ministry that is right on time.  Certainly, in the culture of Latin America, it is finding a hungry audience.  Please, if you are interested in helping the women in your congregation or your city, contact Brenda and get some information.  There is life after trauma.

You can contact Brenda at: WOVEN in Grace: PO Box 85263, Tucson, AZ 85754. 800-684-6830

Hallelujah! We are Going to Cuba!!

I leave April 4th headed to Cuba.  Rev. Eric Sonera will join me as we visit Pastor Mario De Armas for two days of ministry and connection.  My goal is to provide materials, instruction, and administrative support to any pastor or church group that wishes to build a strong foundation in their people.  The Gospel is simple, accessible, and free.  We strive to take profound truths and make them digestible for any who desire to feed on them.  Hopefully we find opportunity to do those things in Cuba.

We covet  your prayers for this endeavor. Blogsite and Facebook Page

Please stop by to keep up to speed on the current teaching thrusts.  I also have a Facebook page for the ministry. Search on Facebook for  @contendforthesupernatural or go to  If you want to help out, hit SHARE while you’re there.

Coming Attractions:

April 4-8. Cuba.  Exploratory visit and ministry time. 

April 25 & 26— Hermosillo Holy Spirit Class continues

May 14-20. Darien, Panama. Classes and visit recovery facility.

May 23 & 24— Hermosillo IEMFe Divine Healing Class Begins

June 2: Believers Church at Glenville, NY.  Call (518) 399-0039 for info

June 4: Believers Family Church in Johnstown, NY.   Call (518) 762-0185 for info

June 6: Back in Glenville at Believers Church. Call (518) 399-0039 for info

June 8: Addictions seminar and evening service. Faith, Hope, and Love Christian Church in Canajoharie, NY. Call (518) 673-5128 for info

June 9: Living Water Faith Fellowship in Oneonta, NY.  Call (607) 433-2234

June 20 & 21— Hermosillo Divine Healing Class continues

June 25-28 FCF Family Conference in Tulsa

July 18 & 19— Hermosillo Divine Healing Class continues

Now Scheduling: August thru December, scheduling now.  Email or call:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers and contributions. More than that, thank you for believing in us.  We make every effort to do things well, do things with meaning, and invest in people who do the same.  Together we have a real impact on regular people trying to live for the Lord. God uses regular people to do remarkable things. Let’s do this!

We continue to be part of Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson.  Financial support can be sent there or given online at

Always yours in His service,

Virgil and Judy Stokes

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