Sunday Supernaturally: Open Pit

The world of the dead is hungry for them, and it opens its mouth wide. It gulps down the nobles of Jerusalem along with the noisy crowd of common people. Everyone will be disgraced, and all who are proud will be humbled. But the LORD Almighty shows his greatness by doing what is right, and he reveals his holiness by judging his people.  

Isaiah 5:14-16 GNB

I saw this sign on my bike ride the other day.  It reminded me that there is a real eternity.  It’s not all white lights and peace and spooky music.  There is a real devil and a real hell, and real people under the sway of the one and destined for the other.  I don’t want to be the guy on the street corner with the megaphone and the “turn or burn” sign.  In fact, screaming at unbelievers is not particularly effective.  I do think, however, that it’s only right to inform them of their options. My biggest concern is for the Church that has forgotten the stakes of the game and the purpose of its existence.

I wrote this little blurb a day early.  I usually do it on Sunday morning before dawn, hoping someone will read it with their coffee and decide to obey God by going to assemble with the saints.  I did it on Saturday to give someone a chance to invite an unbeliever to church this week.  Tell them how much your faith means to you and invite them to share this experience with you.  Be prepared to explain things as they happen.  Let God do His thing in their heart.  There is an open pit.

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