Sunday Supernaturally: He’s Alive

For forty days after his death, he appeared to them many times in ways that proved beyond doubt that he was alive. They saw him, and he talked with them about the Kingdom of God.  

Acts 1:3 GNB

The last couple of weeks I have been reading some things written by atheists. I was just curious as to what they thought of the Gospel and the claims of Jesus.  Every one of them said that there is no proof that God exists and that a scientific person has to conclude there is no God.  One guy, in particular, made fun of a story about a Jewish martyr who was killed by the Romans, and whose followers purveyed the myth that He rose from the dead.  He said that this is ridiculous, there is no proof. You and I know he’s wrong, but how do we know?

As we gather with the saints today, remember this: Jesus is alive, He is present in our gatherings, and if we allow it, He will show Himself alive beyond any doubt.  He has done it so many times in my life that to doubt His resurrection would be absolutely psychotic.  Our faith is more than a head knowledge thing about some historical events and doctrinal principles.  It is an intimate, tangible relationship with a risen Savior. He’s alive, I know it, and I can prove it! Let’s go to church today expecting Him to demonstrate beyond doubt that He is alive.

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