Hermosillo 9/19: Running to Keep Up

It’s shaping up to be a very busy week here in Hermosillo, Sonora. Saturday we completed the Planning for Success course with 4 hours of instruction. Apparently I need to take the course again, as we were woefully unprepared for the response. We planned for thirty five students, and we nearly doubled that. Lots of hurried trips to the printer (another one today). We provide rather extensive curriculum materials for the the students, and we don’t want anyone to be left out. The most encouraging thing was the number of pastors in attendance. Last count there were 11 churches represented. That’s great!

Sunday morning I had the privilege of speaking at Iglesia Cristiana Orabes with Pastor Jose Santos Ramos. This is a very strong local church that is more than thirty years old. Pastor Santos and his wife, Eva, are diligent shepherds with a love for the Word of God. It was a joy to share with this great part of the family.

We have lots scheduled this week. I am meeting with several pastors individually, beginning this morning. Wednesday we minister i Miguel Aleman with Pastor Abraham Jimenez. Thursday and Friday our FCF Tucson team will be here for the IEMFe Level One class on God’s financial plan. Saturday is the Pastor’s Breakfast, then Sunday we speak for Pastor Raymundo Torres Fuentes. I return to Tucson on Monday the 23rd. Thank you for your prayers. God is up to something, and we get to be in on it!

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