Hermosillo 9/19: Wow!

It’s Sunday night and I am preparing to return to Tucson tomorrow morning. What a trip this has been: 10 days of constant activity. I thought maybe we would rest a little after the classes and service last weekend, but that didn’t happen. I’m so tired I am a little loopy, so bear with me.

Wednesday evening we traveled to Miguel Aleman where we ministered to a mid-week service for Pastor Abraham Jimenez. They were wide-eyed as we opened the scripture concerning how the Word works as seed in our hearts. Many seemed to grab hold of the idea that the promise of the Bible is theirs to claim. This was new ground for many. Pastor Jimenez is eager to begin classes for his people. We will explore the possibilities.

Thursday and Friday evening, we taught the IEMFe class “Money, Ordinances, and Music.” These sessions were focused on the plan of God to prosper His people. Rev. Joyce Hughes opened with an overview of God’s desire to bless us. I finished up with teaching on things that hinder us in receiving, and then covering the basics of God’s plan: tithes, offerings, and alms. From the feedback we heard afterward, I believe we made real inroads in helping these precious folks move forward.

Saturday morning we hosted a Pastor’s breakfast with 9 ministries represented. We taught on writing and imparting a clear vision. We heard excellent feedback from the class last week on Planning for Success, as people are already turning in their homework! There is a real hunger to continue the 2nd level courses. We scheduled classes for the first part of 2020, with the aim of finishing the first level in April. The next 2nd level course will be in February when I will teach on “Marriage, Divorce, and remarriage.

Sunday morning we had the privilege of ministering to the congregation of Pastor Raymundo Torres Fuentes. Pastor Alberto Flores joined us to lead worship , and we had a glorious time. We taught on knowing our identity in Christ, and the folks seemed to genuinely appreciate the Word that says we are made the righteousness of God in Christ. This church is touching lives in a very real way. We had lunch with folks from Central America who are “stuck” in Hermosillo, but have found entrance to the Kingdom of heaven while they’re here.

None of this happens without lots of help. Pastor Flores and Pastor Santos opened their churches, and made their volunteer church staffs available. As always, Eduardo and Rosa Andrade were invaluable in translating and doing so much of the behind the scenes work. Our intrepid team from Tucson came down Thursday through Saturday to carry the first level class. Thanks to Joyce Hughes, Malenie Mendia, and Pastor John Smith. Thank you for your prayers. I look forward to a breather in Tucson before we start again in October. Blessings to you all.

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