Healing Help Video #21: The Faith Thing

In today’s teaching, we turn our attention to the subject of faith.  Like most of us in this movement, I have a basic list of things that I believe need to be grasped in order to receive from God, particularly in the area of healing. Though there are many nuances and rabbit trails, the typical sermon series goes something like this:

  1. Faith comes by hearing:  We all need to immerse ourselves in healing scriptures and sermons on faith and healing. Romans 10:17.
  2. When you pray, believe you receive your healing at that moment.  To pray for the same thing again would be unbelief.  Mark 11:24.
  3. You have what you say.  Begin to say that you are healed. Mark 11:24
  4. Be a doer of the Word.  You should take actions that indicate you believe you are healed.  This includes thanking God for healing you. James 2:26

Over the years, I have seen wonderful people struggle with each of these “steps.”  Beginning with this lesson, “The Faith Thing,” I will address some of the obstacles that trip us up in the walk of faith for healing.

For the full list of Healing Help videos, click here.

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