August report from Pastor Virgil

“Moving Christians from the pew to the harvest.” Matthew 9:36-38

September 3, 2020

Thank you for all you do.

August was a hot time here in Tucson. The temperatures outside have been brutal. Wildfires are kicking up all over the West, while the country seems hopelessly divided. Thank God, we are not divided. “There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. (Ephesians 4:4-6 NKJV)” Oh, yeah. There was also that virus thing. No plague comes nigh my dwelling!

Despite the uproar outside, we have stayed busy. God makes a way. You remember Habakkuk, talking about the vision, said this, “For the vision is yet for an appointed time; But at the end it will speak, and it will not lie. Though it tarries, wait for it; Because it will surely come, It will not tarry. (Habakkuk 2:3 NKJV)” It’s the vision that fulfills itself. It speaks, it will not lie, it will not tarry. I am the conduit. The vision does the work because it is a word from God. The vision is progressing in several wonderful ways:

· @IEMFeonline. The Facebook page is expanding. Members of the Instituto de Entrenamiento Ministerial de Fe Executive Team are learning to moderate the page, produce content, and promote the expansion of the IEMfe vision. Our goal is to encourage students and graduates and to attract interest from churches and pastors who may benefit from our programs. Check out some of our productions:

o Desde el banco a la cosecha. This is a series of testimonies from graduates and students of IEMFe telling how the Word they have heard is impacting their lives and ministries.


Ayuda para sanar. We are producing a series of teachings on the subject of divine healing. The same content that is available in English will now be available to our Spanish speaking friends.

o More to follow. Classes on various subjects are in production. We just completed the recording of a 4-hour seminar on Victory over Addictions. Soon we will begin the recording of a class on Church Government. More and more will be made available online to help pastors and churches grow in their ability to fulfill their calling.

· IEMFe classes. Our Executive Team is overseeing the completion of the first-year program that was cut short by the virus. Those who should have graduated

in September are now receiving onsite instruction Executive Team Members Alberto Flores and Nelly Maldonado in their home churches. They should all be able to finish by late October, and we are considering a graduation in November. In addition, we are currently recruiting and training instructors for the permanent, onsite version of IEMFe that will begin early next year. This new phase of development will carry this vision on to a new generation. We can continue moving believers out of the pews and into the harvest.

Here’s a note from translators, administrators, and Executive Team Members Eduardo and Rossy in Hermosillo:

“Currently in Hermosillo, churches are working with online services, mostly through Facebook, due to the health contingency. This week instructions were given from the municipal government through online courses for the safe return to churches. The objective was to provide the theoretical and practical elements that allow us to understand the COVID-19 epidemic and how to limit its spread and contagion for safe return, both pastors and leaders. With this information the churches are taking the precautions to take care of the parishioners and are excited to meet again! Glory to God!

Regarding the Bible school, we began to work in small groups and taking all the safety protocols such as healthy distance, sanitizers, etc. The pastors are very enthusiastic and encouraged to continue receiving classes for a prompt graduation, in general very joyful.

Thank God we personally have been in good health regarding the epidemic, and we have been working both on training and developing the IEMFe. We have had the time to study and be more focused on God’s plans for our life. We want to be qualified workers and above all with a heart willing to serve.

Matthew 9: 35-38.

Eduardo Andrade and Rossy García.”

· Líderes en crecimiento: This bi-weekly Zoom meeting provides training for our ministers in Latin America. We are learning the great principles of building teams of leaders and growing our ministries together. Using the Zoom platform we can do Power-point presentations, have interpretation, and do questions and testimonies. The attendance and engagement in these meetings have been excellent. The most heartening thing for me are the reports of how these principles are being applied by the pastors in their local churches. God is doing something.


Panama:As noted above, we finished the recording of the Victory over Addictions seminar on April 29th. A big “thank you” to Doug Dolan from Recovery in the Pines for bringing his expertise to this production. Also, thanks to our newest team member, Vanessa Navallez, for interpreting the whole day long. And, of course, we are grateful for Rev. Joshua Taylor for manning the camera and doing the set-up and video rendering shores. The classes will be sent to Vida Ministries radio station “estereo vida” in Darien province.

· Man Alive! The book for men is ready to go. Judy has edited and approved content. Now we just need to get it out. Believe with me that I can get this done by September 15th.

· Doors are opening.With the world beginning to open back up, we are looking forward to being able to travel. I’m humming Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” a lot lately. Judy and I both received excellent health reports this month and are fit and fired up. I’m ministering at our home church FCF Tucson, the next 2 Sundays. Catch us on Facebook. If you’re interested in a visit, let me know.

Please Pray:

· For our nation. This is God’s country, and He will deliver. It’s revival time!

· For our Latin American friends. As the churches begin to re-open, let’s avoid another outbreak and get on with the revival.

· For our ministry:

o Agree with us for a reliable vehicle for use in Mexico. Our team and teachers need to have a way to move about. It’s time to multiply!

o I need someone with some tech ability to help with publishing and social media. This would be a great ministry you can do from home!

Financial support. First, I want to say, “Thank you!” You have been faithful to keep helping us throughout this season of uncertainty. You are great! Financial support can be sent to Faith Christian Fellowship of Tucson at the address below, or given online at Make checks payable to FCFT, you can designate for missions or pastorvirgil and it will get where it needs to go. Thanks again.

Don’t forget to visit The Healing Help series is front burner at the moment. You don’t want to miss it. Share it with your friends. You can help by looking at the Facebook page and hitting follow. Whenever you see a post, share it. This will help us reach more people.

As always, Judy and I strive to be worthy of your prayers and support. If we can serve you in any way, please let us know. Thank you!!!!!

Yours in His service,

Virgil and Judy Stokes

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