Healing Help Video 40: You Need the Holy Spirit!

In discussing how to follow the Spirit of God, we have repeatedly advised that you should pray in the Spirit – that means speaking in other tongues.  If that is something that is foreign to you, I want to help you in today’s lesson.

Christianity is so much more than holding a certain set of beliefs. It is infinitely more than joining a religious organization.  Christians have the privilege of a personal, tangible interaction with God.  The agent of contact, the One who keeps it real, is the Holy Spirit. The Bible provides for every Christian to have an experience with the Holy Spirit just like those in the book of Acts.  This is called being baptized, or filled, with the Spirit.  Jesus said this would bring power to tell others about Him. Paul tells us it provides a way to pray when we don’t know how.  The Holy Spirit is the Person who keeps our faith from hardening into ritual. Without His supernatural help, religious form sets in. The Holy Spirit Baptism helps us keep our faith vibrant and vital.

Watch today’s lesson here, and learn how you can experience this precious gift from God.

For a printed teaching on this subject, click here.

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