Healing Help Video 53: Holy Spirit Special Sauce

In 1992, the Lord spoke to me by prophecy.  He said to “contend for the supernatural.”  He said there would come a day when the gifts and manifestation of the Spirit would be a rare occurrence even in our so called “Word” churches.  I have been trying to fulfil that admonition ever since.   The temptation to reduce the move of God to a repeatable formula is basic human nature.  We want to control our own lives.  God, on the other hand, wants us to follow His fresh move and touch in every service, every gathering, and in our daily walk with Him.  This can be challenging.

The entry point into supernatural Christianity is what we refer to as the Baptism with the Holy Spirit or being filled with the Spirit.  This is an experience that follows salvation.  Salvation brings the Sprit in us in the new birth.  The Baptism of the Spirit brings the anointing of the Spirit upon us as equipping for ministry to others.  It’s the same Spirit, but in a different relationship and with a different purpose.  (For more information on this subject see the Real Disciples Study Guide Lesson# 5.)  Join me as we look at the “special sauce” of the Holy Spirit.

For the print version of this teaching with all the scripture references and more, click here.

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