Healing Help Video 61: Accountable Shepherds

In a previous lesson, I said this, “your pastor should have a pastor.  Pastors are also sheep.  In order to exercise authority, one must be under authority.  If your pastor doesn’t have a pastor, find another pastor.”  This may seem an odd topic for a study on healing, but take a minute to consider it.  It will save you lots of pain.

Before you make a commitment to be a member of a church, or any community of believers, find out if there is real oversight for leadership.  It occurred to me that most Christians, especially in our independent churches, are unfamiliar with the subject. In our movement we tend to see the Pastor as sort of a “mini-Pope.”  He is God’s man for the church, and his judgment is not to be questioned.  When questions do arise, they are often greeted with the “Touch not God’s anointed” argument.  The isolation that this breeds is a perfect set up for catastrophe. 

Every pastor needs some accountability that’s not in name only.  It provides protection for the church and for the pastor. 

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