Healing Help Video 62: Accountability that Protects

We’ve been looking at the blessings and the problems of the biblical concept pf submission to authority.  Last time we emphasized the importance of pastors having pastors.  Today we’ll dig a little deeper.  It’s worth the trouble to understand these issues.

Real freedom comes through real submission, real accountability, and real structure.  It’s worth the trouble to stop and take a look at your accountability structure.

  • It is only accountability if someone is actually looking at the books. 
  • It is only accountability if there are standards defined and someone who has the authority to intervene to enforce them. 
  • It is only real accountability if there is a specific person or group to whom concerns can be expressed and who has the willingness to take action.

If you don’t know how your church provides accountability for leaders, it’s time to find out.  You don’t have to be obnoxious, but if asking questions brings a defensive response, that should prompt some alarm bells.  I know this is kind of difficult stuff, but these things matter because you matter.  God wants you to get all He has for you and being part of a community of believers is part of His program.  He also wants you safe.  It’s just good Bible sense.  Enjoy today’s teaching.

For the print version of this lesson, click here.

For the complete list of Healing Help videos click here.

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