We don’t have a “jobs” problem

So we have a massive shortage of apples in our country.  If we want apples we have two basic choices. We can buy or borrow apples and place them around the country.  If we want to maintain the illusion that we are producing apples, we can simply hang them in trees and let folks come … Continue reading We don’t have a “jobs” problem

Don’t Miss the Point

When a professional golfer wants to work on his game he hires a swing coach. This guy’s function is to break down every minute detail of the way the player swings his club from the moment he steps up to the ball until it is flying down the fairway. He finds and corrects the tiniest … Continue reading Don’t Miss the Point

Who do you want in charge?

I noticed this week that the National Football League and the players manged to hash out an agreement over which of the rich people would get the most money.  One day they met for over 13 hours.  When they were interviewed they were generally discrete, respectful, and professional.  These are guys who get paid to run into each other in … Continue reading Who do you want in charge?

He’s not a rapist, so hail to the chief

OK. So let me get this straight:. the head of the IMF is now free from prosecution.  We are relieved to discover that the housekeeper with whom he committed adultery was lying about the rape.  Hence, we should not be shocked if he now runs for president of France.  He is, after all, not acriminal.  Well, at least he … Continue reading He’s not a rapist, so hail to the chief

Out of the Abundance of the Heart

Friday, April 1, 2011 Building People of Substance for Works of Power Praying friendship for you, me and tobie. April 1st was a Monday in 1991. I remember because 20 years ago today my good friend, Larry Dunning died in a car crash a few miles from our home in upstate New York. Larry was … Continue reading Out of the Abundance of the Heart