We don’t have a “jobs” problem

So we have a massive shortage of apples in our country.  If we want apples we have two basic choices. We can buy or borrow apples and place them around the country.  If we want to maintain the illusion that we are producing apples, we can simply hang them in trees and let folks come and get them.  The other option is to grow our own. To do this, we have to have the right soil, the right climate, and some time to let the orchards grow.  The trees will always produce apples if we give them the right conditions.  Borrowed apples will rot because they are not connected to the tree.  To have long-term apple supply, we have to grow our own.

In our nation, we need jobs.  I keep hearing politicians talking about a “jobs program” to solve our “jobs problem.”  We don’t have a jobs problem, we have a soil and climate problem.  Jobs are the natural outgrowth of robust economic activity: business, trade, innovation, manufacturing…  Those things will always produce jobs if given the right soil and climate.  Until someone comes up with an idea to reinvigorate the soil of capital investment and restore the climate of regulatory freedom, there will be no real jobs, only government fakes. We don’t lack jobs, we lack economic activity.  Government jobs will rot because they are not connected to the tree of economic activity.  We need to grow our own.

Just a thought

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