I think I’ll Keep my Gun

Listening to the talking heads chattering about remarks made by Bob Costas about handgun restrictions.  He was speaking on a football broadcast on the day following a tragic murder-suicide involving a football player. Tragic as it is when innocent folks get shot, I continue to believe it is more dangerous to allow the govrnment to take guns away from the citizenry.  As in all things political, the important question is, “Who decides?” As much as I agree that guns help us defend ouselves from predators, I am not sure we always remember that not all predators are burglars and muggers. Historically speaking, there have been many more innocents slain by marauding governments than by random criminals. Our founders recognized this. In our 2nd Amendment we have the last line of defense against tyrants, foreign and domestic. I simply find no wisdom in allowing the government to control my ability to resist it if it oversteps its bounds. We occasionally find honor among thieves. Among politicians, not so much. I think I will hang on to my gun.
Just a thought.

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