Sunday Supernaturally: Let’s Do This

[9] But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. [10] Once you were not a people, but now you are the people of God; once you had not received mercy, but now you have received mercy.

1 Peter 2:9-10 (NIV)

A few days ago, I had coffee with a pastor friend of mine.  We were just talking about all things churchy when he said, “You just have to keep going over the basics.”  In my “amen” to that statement, I blurted out, “people in the church need to know the mission, understand submission to authority, and identify their own part.”  I was so impressed with my own profundity that I wrote it down.  Should I ever have the privilege of being a senior pastor again, I will be sure to preach that. 

Gathering as His Church is something we do together as the people of God to glorify Him and fulfill His purposes for the world around us. I’m going to church today with my heart set.  Today, the Holy Ghost will hone my understanding of and focus on the mission of my church.  Where I am out of line with the authorities he has set in my life, He will correct me.  If He has new vistas for me to do my part, I am ready to be equipped and respond.  Won’t you join me and let’s get this thing done?

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